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SplitRock Velo Center 

Welcome to SplitRock Velo Center, a premier destination for  all cyclists who appreciate the pinnacle of performance and style. At our new high-end performance shop we will be  focusing on road, gravel, MTB  and E-Transport. We go beyond offering an exceptional selection of top-tier bikes, accessories, and apparel. We are dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience, meticulously catering to the unique needs of cyclists at every level.

Our curated collection features cutting-edge road, gravel  and MTB bikes from the industry's leading manufacturers, ensuring that enthusiasts and professionals alike find their perfect ride. From sleek road machines designed for speed to rugged gravel and MTB bikes built for adventure, our selection embodies the epitome of quality and innovation.

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Road cycling is a popular form of cycling that takes place on paved roads, typically involving lightweight bicycles designed for speed and efficiency. Road cycling can encompass various activities, including leisurely rides, long-distance touring, competitive racing, and more.  Whether you're a casual rider or a serious racer, we offer a wide range of bikes for all cyclists of all levels.


A gravel bike is a type of bicycle designed for riding on a variety of surfaces, including gravel roads, dirt trails, and pavement. Our bikes are versatile and well-suited for riders who want to explore different terrains without having to switch between multiple bikes.

The Moots Way

We believe anything worth having is worth grinding for, whether that’s powering through a tough ride or meticulously dialing in every detail of our bike design. We carefully handcraft every part of each bike from the highest quality materials so they last a lifetime. Together we build, together we ride.


A rugged bicycle specifically designed for off-road cycling and varying terrain. These bikes are built to handle challenging conditions, such as dirt trails, rocky paths, steep descents, and other rough terrains commonly found in mountainous or wooded areas. Here are some key features and aspects of mountain.



We're thrilled to announce a new addition to the Splitrock family: Splitrock Velo Center.  This category is intended to serve commuters and riders looking for casual electric bikes and electric cargo bikes. Shop our lineup online or come on in and take a test ride! 

Fit Studio

Beyond our exceptional product range, we will offer personalized customization services to ensure that your bike is a true reflection of your style and performance needs. Our professional bike fitting services will guarantee a comfortable and efficient ride, enhancing your cycling experience. All fits are fitted on the RETUL bike fit.

Roval Rapide CLX II

TWe developed distinctly different shapes for the Rapide CLX II front and rear rims. The result is a wheelset that catches less drag than most 65mm wheelsets and brings a dramatic 25% improvement in stability over 50mm rims in wind gusts.

Roval Rapide Cockpit

The all-new Rapide Cockpit is a lot more than just the fastest way to the finish line. It’s the fastest leading edge we’ve ever made, putting aero gains in the clean air, where they matter most and shaving four watts off the already ultra-quick two piece Rapide Bar and Tarmac SL7 Stem

S-Works Vent Road Shoes

With new features like the Vented Mouthport toe box and an all-new engineered mesh upper, the S-Works 7 Vent delivers exceptional ventilation and aides in sweat evaporation.


We offer a full suite of bicycle repairs and services. Our expert mechanics will strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately so you can hit the road or trails in no time.

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