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26-Inch Wheel

STATUS 2 ZERO finds the boundaries of mountain bikes made for smaller riders and pushes past them. Is it a trail bike? Yes. Park bike? Yep. Cruise to the convenience store and stop for a stealth session on a concrete wall ride? Oh yeah. STATUS 2 ZERO is a bike meant to be ridden, however, or wherever you ride. Whether you're on the trails, at the bike park, on the streets, or just cutting turns with your friends on a local hill, the STATUS 2 ZERO will allow you to ride your way. GO BIG, START SMALL: STATUS 2 ZERO is a first for our mountain bikes. It is a ‘core’ and incredibly capable rig built intentionally for small riders who want to really get after it. It has custom-tuned kinematics and suspension from the Specialized Ride Dynamics team—specifically for smaller riders—and appropriately sized components. BUILT BY RIDERS: STATUS 2 ZERO starts with a super strong M5 alloy chassis and tough alloy wheels. Stout suspension, powerful brakes, and popular drivetrain options round out these builds to catch big hits, pedal smooth, and provide a ton of stoppage. It’s not for the gram counter—it’s for those riders who push the boundaries of progression and come back for more. RIDE DYNAMICS TUNED: Before arriving at your doorstep or local bike shop, each bike gets a special shock tune from our Specialized Ride Dynamics team—a group that eats, sleeps, and breathes mountain bike suspension. The shock's characteristics are designed to perfectly complement the new bike's kinematics and smaller size. LET’S GET PERSONAL: Customize even more with neatly packaged flip chips (located on the Horst pivot link, close to the rear axle) that allow you to finely tune the frame’s geometry to your desired ride or terrain. Bikes ship in the high position but can be ‘flipped’ to lower and slacker—8 mm lower bottom bracket and half a degree slacker head tube angle. 100% Redesigned durable alloy chassis New, more durable alloy rims Horst Link geometry adjust flip chip Updated geometry for more usability Curated parts spec for your desired ride experience
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